DIRECT dan INDIRECT SPEECH (Kalimat Langsung dan Tak Langsung)

      DIRECT dan INDIRECT SPEECH (Kalimat Langsung dan Tak Langsung)

Direct Speech adalah kalimat yang diucapkan langsung dari si pembicara. Kalimat

tersebut tidak diubah atau ditambah.

Contoh :

-Erfin said, “I am so happy”.

-They said, “We have watched football game”.

Indirect Speech adalah kalimat yang berasal dari kalimat langsung yang diceritakan

kembali dalam bentuk yang lain.

Contoh :

-Erfin said that he was so happy

-They said that they had watched football game.

Catatan :

Jika Kata Kerja dalam induk kalimat bentuknya adalah PRESENT dan PRESENT PERFECT

atau adanya suatu keterangan yang umum pada induk kalimat, maka tidak ada

perubahan waktu dalam Kalimat tidak langsung.

Contoh :

-She asks me, “Are you sleepy?” She asks me wether I am sleepy

-He has told us, “I am hungry.” He told us that he is hungry

-She told me,“the sun rises in the east”.

She told me that the sun rises in the east

Tetapi apabila Kata Kerja dalam kalimat bentuknya selain dari PRESENT dan


PERFECT maka terjadi perubahan waktu pada Kalimat tidak langsung.

Contoh :

-Simple Present menjadi Simple Past

a. He told me, “I go to work everyday.”

b. He told me that he went to work everyday.

-Present Continuous menjadi Past Continuous

a. She told me, “I am playing music now”.

b. She told me that she was playing music then.

-Present Perfect menjadi Past Perfect

a. They told me. “We have bought a car”.

b. They told me that they had bought a car.

-Simple Past menjadi Past Perfect

a. He told me, “I went to Bandung yesterday”.

b. He told me that he had gone to Bandung yesterday.

-Simple Future menjadi Future Past

a. He told me, “I will go to university next year”.

b. He told me that he would go to university the following year.

-Future Past menjadi Future Past Perfect

a. She told me, “I should go there if I were you.”

b. She told me that she would have gone there if she had been me.

Perubahan-perubahan MODAL, PREPOSITION dan Keterangan waktu dari kalimat

langsung menjadi kalimat tak langsung. :

Shall – Should See – saw Will – would

Is – was May – might Has/have – had

Can –could are – were Here – there

This – that Now – then Ago – before, Dsb

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