Auxiliary Verbs

  Auxiliary Verbs

Primary Auxiliary Verbs

  •   [to be]      Simple  Present           (Is, am,are)
                                      Past                 (Was, were)
                                      Future              (be)
                                      Perfect            (Been)
  •   [to do]      Simple Present            (Do,does)
                                     Simple Past     (Did)
  •  [to have]   Present Perfect           (Have/has)
                            Past Perfect     (Had)

Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Present                       Past tense
    Can                  Could
    Will                  Would
    May                 Might
    Must                Had to
1.      Are you a student          ?         Yes, I am a student
            No, I am not a student,
2.      Were you in Jakarta that time?
         Yes, we were in Jakarta yesterday
          No, we were not in Jakarta yesterday
3.      Did You hear my words that time?
         Yes, I heard your words
         No, I did not hear your words
4.      Can you speak Sundanese politely?
           Yes, of course I can do
          No, I can not speak sundanese.
5.      May I know your address?
           Yes, you may know my address
Kata kerja bantu Tobe (is,am,are) bisa digunakan dalam bentuk kalimat Positive, negative (Menyangkal) , ataupun Interrogative  (Pertanyaan), terutaama dalam kalimat Nominal (Nominal Senteces). Tobe juga digunakan dalam kalimat Present Continuous atau Past Continuous tense, seperti dalam kalimat;
She is watching TV now but last night she was reading her lessons until late in the night.
Kata kerja bantu Do dalam bentuk simple present tense bisa berubag menjadi Does jika subjectnya  Orang ketiga tunggal (She, He, it), dalam betuk Lampau (Past tense) do berubah manjadi Did untuk semua Subject, Do juga berfungsi sebagai kata kerja yang artinya”Melakukan” =”What did you do last week?”

Kata kerja setelah Modal adalah kata kerja pertama tanpa to (Bare infinitives) dan jika tida ada kata kerja maka “Be” sebagai penggantinya.


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