Does anyone know how to start and introduction to an essay?
i have a major problem i have an essay due tomorrow and i don’t know how to start an introduction or conclusion plz help its on foster care

Best answer..

You could start with a question, an interesting fact, or a quote. Than explain what the essay is about w/o coming straihgt out and saying “My paper is about…”. If you were righting something about Titanic you could say:
Although the Titanic would soon become a disaster and kill many people’s lives, it was at first seen as the bst ship ever. People that were on this ship had lovely rooms and some even had servants. You could see plays, go swimming, and do many other activities. These things made the ship a marvalus place to stay but the people on it were in for a big surprise that they would not like at all. All i did was talk about three topics that would be in my paragraphs: rooms, activities, the disaster. So all you do is find a thesis (the first sentence that catches the reader’s attention) nd than tqalk about the topics of your paragraphs. In your conclusion briefly talk about the topics and than close verything up so they know it ended, Whatever you do, do not leave them hanging and saying Well what happens next? Good luck! =)



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