Hunting for Tourist



Hunting for Tourist at Bogor

MEETING A TOURIST (bertemu seorang pelancong)







1. FAUZI     : Excuse me, sir! I’m a student of El-Rahma Education Center.

                      I have a task about interviewing a foreign tourist.

                        Do you mind if I talk with you for a minute

2. MARCUS : Sure.

F         : Would you tell me why are you visiting Indonesia?

M         : Well, I like to see the beautiful scenery of Indonesia.

                Besides, I’m a geographer. I come to see Indonesia’s geography.

F          : Where do you come from?

M         : I’m from Germany.

F          : Who did you come here with?

M         : I came here with my wife and children. They’re enjoying the sunset right now.

F           : How long are you going to stay in Indonesia?

M         : Not more than a month, about three weeks.

F         : Alright, sir. Thank you for your cooperation. See you later.

M         : You’re welcome. See you later.


Untuk di awal kita bisa menari perhatian bule dengan kata-kata :

-Hallo Mr. do you have more time.??

-Can you practice english with us.??

-What is your name.?

-Where do you come from.?

-How long have you been here.?

-What do you thing about Indonesian.?

-Where do you want to go after here?

-thanks sir, nice to meet you.. 🙂



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